While the protest lasted for only a few weeks it was to have a lasting effect on the country as Governor Ronald Reagan's hard line on the protesters contributed to him being elected President. It further established California as being a center of cultural protest. The rise of right-wing politics was the result of the changes taking place during the 1960s, protest movements in California being iconic of the changes in society.

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Students find another piece of land to make into a park.
They work on landscaping their park and make a small tent-city.
They celebrate the victory, after almost 2 weeks of protest everyone is exhausted and this marks the end of the Peoples Park Protests.
Want a Park? Make your own!
Sunset on the Park Movement
Students organize a large march through the streets, others try to keep peace with troops.
The parade is peaceful, troops stand guard.
Various images of the protest marchers along the route.

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